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Night Gathers... And So My Watch Begins...

by Simsarah, 22 days ago

We're gathering up a new raid team!


Are you in a service industry? An evening shift? Just a big ol' night owl?


The Night's Watch is here for you! Currently recruiting all roles for Battle for Azeroth heroic raiding, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 11p - 2a server. If you're interested, talk to Kenny in game or in Slack!

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It's the end of the... expansion... as we know it...

by Simsarah, 30 days ago

Welcome to the long, dark, teatime of the expansion.


Raidball and Woodies are now on hiatus until Battle for Azeroth launch. Pickup groups still encouraged, let us know how we can help!


Do you want to join one of the raid teams for Battle for Azeroth? Both Raidball and Woodies are making roster moves now, and want to hear from you!

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Let's Party Like it's 2009!

by Simsarah, 57 days ago

Ulduar Timewalking

Friday, May 24, 2018

7:30 Server


Kick off your Memorial Day weekend right, with a guild run of Ulduar Timewalking! Sign up in game.


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Beta Guild Now Active!

by Simsarah, 86 days ago

Battle for Azeroth Beta began yesterday and a seemingly endless wave of beta invites went out, so if you're testing out the waters, we're Aegis-Anduin on alliance. As you might expect. Check in slack if no one is on to get you an invite.

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