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Have a Holly, Jolly, Winter's Veil!

by AdminAegis, 4 days ago


Santaklauss-Blackhand is back again!

It's nearly Winter Veil again, and that means... PRESENTS!

Here's the plan:

-By December the 18th, send an in-game mail to Santaklauss-Blackhand to be included in the gift exchange.

~Magic happens here~

-On December 19th Santa will let you know who your giftee is.

-You have until December the 24th at midnight server to send them a gift. You can send a series of small gifts, you can send clues to your identity, you can leave them hanging until they're headed out the door for midnight mass! Be creative. Roll an unknown toon to mail from, or call upon that right jolly old elf himself* to relay the message/gift/coal to preserve your anonymity!

This is a digital gift exchange, so pets and the like have been very popular in the past - just don't forget to check Armory for your recipient before you send them a second Shadow!

Please direct all questions, comments or cutting remarks to Santaklauss-Blackhand!

*actually a dwarf. Beards.

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Don't mess up with Devisaur on the case...

by Simsarah, 85 days ago

Else you too might end up with a testimonial website just like Auny's.

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Night Gathers... And So My Watch Begins...

by Simsarah, 168 days ago

We're gathering up a new raid team!


Are you in a service industry? An evening shift? Just a big ol' night owl?


The Night's Watch is here for you! Currently recruiting all roles for Battle for Azeroth heroic raiding, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 11p - 2a server. If you're interested, talk to Kenny in game or in Slack!

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It's the end of the... expansion... as we know it...

by Simsarah, 176 days ago

Welcome to the long, dark, teatime of the expansion.


Raidball and Woodies are now on hiatus until Battle for Azeroth launch. Pickup groups still encouraged, let us know how we can help!


Do you want to join one of the raid teams for Battle for Azeroth? Both Raidball and Woodies are making roster moves now, and want to hear from you!

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