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Coming soon...

by AdminAegis, 10 days ago

I'm sure everyone has heard about the Primal Flamesaber promotion for Heroes of the Storm, but the recap is this: play 15 matches in Heroes, with a friend, using a Warcraft hero, and get the (really quite spiffy) mount in WoW. The promotion starts today and runs through March 14th, so there's plenty of time!

Playing with a friend sounds like fun, of course, but playing with MORE friends sounds like MORE fun! So join Aegis for a Saturday evening free-for-all on March 25! We'll be pairing/grouping up by battletag, and flailing our way around the Nexus. (Presumably bothering people who actually play the game the same way PvE achievement seekers bother proper PvP players in battlegrounds...)

Sign up in guild and make sure someone has your battletag, then meet us in mumble on Saturday the 25th! (Yes, in a week and a half. Yes, once Love is in the Air is over. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to run 30 toons through that damn holiday boss? -Sarah)

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Survey Says...

by AdminAegis, 26 days ago

We're running a survey!

Daozi has rejoined the officer cadre in a new role, that of Ombudsman! He'll be doing outreach to guild members and trying to gauge how we're doing at creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone in guild. (So this is probably not the LAST survey...) If you have any concerns, we invite you to bring them to any officer, as always, but Daozi in particular is standing by to hear all about it!

Please come give us your thoughts on the state of the guild, we really appreciate hearing from you.


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Video or it didn't happen?

by Simsarah, 32 days ago

TIL: if I miss my husband at work, I can always just listen to him say "swirlies, swirlies, swirlies" on Alyi's kill video...

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Hell yeah!

by Simsarah, 39 days ago

Congratulations troopers, way to stay on point and down Heroic Helya prior to Nighthold opening!

Helya Kill Squad

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