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Hell yeah!

by Simsarah, 6 days ago

Congratulations troopers, way to stay on point and down Heroic Helya prior to Nighthold opening!

Helya Kill Squad

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Ho Ho Who?

by AdminAegis, 55 days ago

All the Whos down in Whoville are out getting their Christmas trees, and you know what THAT means!

The Greench is coming!

No, wait, that's not right...

Hang on, I know I've got this somewhere...  AH! Aegis Secret Santa Season is upon us! As in years past, we will be having our holiday gift exchange, run by Santaklauss-Blackhand. I know Atriste is ready - he's already got Winter Veil decorations up in his garrison. (And he goes there, just to dance with the snowman...) We're starting a little earlier this year, because the years it's been most fun are the years we've had a lot of people sending leading-up-to-Christmas gifts and hints, so have fun with it!

  • If you want to play, send Santaklauss-Blackhand the name of the toon you want included NO LATER THAN December the 12th.
  • By December 15, Santa will do some randomized magic.
  • December 16th, Santa will send you the name of your secret target.
  • You have until December the 24th at midnight server to send them a gift. You can send a series of small gifts, you can send clues to your identity, you can leave them hanging until they're headed out the door for midnight mass! Be creative. Roll an unknown toon to mail from, or have that Right Jolly Old Dwarf Santaklauss relay the message/gift/coal to preserve your anonymity!
  • ???

Like any good gift exchange, there's a suggested gift value, so shoot for something around 30k or $10 USD (yes, that's so you can do pet store pets if you want. Don't forget to check armory first though!) If this represents a hardship to you (we know some of you are as broke in game as I am out of game) please don't let that keep you from playing - send Santaklauss an ingame mail explaining that, and there are some elves who want to help out. (Likewise, if you are feeling elvish, talk to Santa. Sometimes giving is the most fun anyhow!)

Please direct any questions, comments or cutting remarks to any of Sarah's toons or to Santaklauss.

Happy Holidays!

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Mumble interruption heads up

by AdminAegis, 61 days ago

Hey gang, our mumble server, which has been provided gratis by Command Channel for many years, is up to expire tonight. I believe they are likely to continue the comp service (the offer at the time was for "as long as you want hosting from us" but I don't know that they counted on the longevity of Aegis...) but in the event that there is some delay on that, we may experience some interruption and I didn't want anyone to be alarmed, or to think that the service was at fault, Command Channel has been really stellar and if you ever have the opportunity to recommend them to someone, do it!


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Heroic Emerald Dream is history!

by Simsarah, 73 days ago

Thanks Alyi for the video evidence...

Grats, gang!


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