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Shhh... it's a Secret.

by AdminAegis, 49 days ago

Secret SANTA, that is!

It's nearly Winter Veil again, and that means... PRESENTS!

Here's the plan:

-By December the 14th, send an in-game mail to Santaklauss-Blackhand to be included in the gift exchange.

~Magic happens here~

-On December 16th, the start of the Feast of Winter Veil, Santa will let you know who your giftee is.

-You have until December the 24th at midnight server to send them a gift. You can send a series of small gifts, you can send clues to your identity, you can leave them hanging until they're headed out the door for midnight mass! Be creative. Roll an unknown toon to mail from, or call upon that right jolly old elf himself* to relay the message/gift/coal to preserve your anonymity!

This is a digital gift exchange, so pets and the like have been very popular in the past - just don't forget to check Armory for your recipient before you send them a second Shadow!

Please direct all questions, comments or cutting remarks to Santaklauss-Blackhand!

*actually a dwarf. Beards.

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Week One and Done!

by Simsarah, 50 days ago

Well, for certain values of "done" anyhow...

Congratulations to the Raidball team for an efficient and effective first week of Antorus raiding, with a full normal clear under our belts, starting in on Heroic should be great fun this next week. (Once more! With mechanics!)

Corannis' title is misspelled: it should read "the Screenshot Hog." #tokenpanda

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Twitch Twitch

by Simsarah, 128 days ago

Do you want to be up to date on all the latest in-jokes? Jon often streams our raids and other shenanigans, so please tune in so you too can know why we're doing it alphabetically by class!

Watch live video from Daozi on

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Get in the Habit(ica)!

by Simsarah, 195 days ago

Do you have habits you're trying to reinforce? Or break? (Or remember?)

What about routine repeatable tasks you'd like to keep track of?

Don't you wish your to-do list came with 8-bit rewards?


Karl and i have recently started using Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) and I have to say, I kind of love it. We've tried a few things to keep our house (and our sense of who's doing the work) clean, but nothing really worked - it was just naggy and irritating to see lists of things you hadn't done. (Because let's face it, you hadn't done it.) Habitica is different because it's positively gamified. As we all know, I'm willing to do any number of tedious things in return for pixels. Turns out that works IRL as well. I want all of my to-dos and dailies done at the end of the day, because I don't want to take damage, and I don't want to cause my party to take damage!

It's pretty basic gamification, you start with a scrub character and you gain power and experience by completing the tasks you set for yourself. You loose health by failing to do things. (The amount of gain or loss varies based on the difficulty you set for the task and your history of completion.) There are apps for iOS and Android, or a web interface, and it's free to play, though some of the quests and appearances are only available through buying "gems" which are the developers way of making some money (thank goodness ADS was not the answer.) I've found it helpful enough that I've bought gems twice (and I bought silly blue hair too, tyvm.)

I use it for everything now, from dated reminders to return library books to weekly meal planning to a daily reminder to check the pet world quests so I could finish Family Familiar. There's a to-do for "make post about Habitica on guild site." I'll be checking that off shortly... perhaps I'll get another pet egg!

Because yes, there are pets. And you can feed the pets until they turn into mounts. Here's Karl doing a good Thanatos impression, with his skeleton pet and skeleton mount (nice scythe - did you get it from Ahune?):


Why do I mention this here? Well, for one thing, I know a lot of you have personal goals AND are highly susceptible to pixel motivation so I think this is a helpful tool, but mostly... It's also social. And there are guilds. So I made one. And called it - obviously. And what's Aegis without you?! I'd love to have you join us, we can make challenges for the group, you can join parties for quests (which I find super helpful, because then my failures impact other people, and I'm just not ok with that!) and we'll have one more way to sass each other.  Make an account and send your user ID to Karl or I on Slack, and we'll get you hooked up!



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